Apple MacBook Air: Apple iPad Pro Sneak In To Take Its Place

Apple MacBook Air: Apple iPad Pro Sneak In To Take Its Place

Apple MacBook Air: Apple iPad Pro Sneak In To Take Its Place

If you happen to have an old iPad 4 laying around that is covered under Applecare warranty, this could be an awesome way to bag yourself a free upgrade. The company aims to ship the newer iPad Air 2 device in the place of the older devices such as the 4th generation iPad.

A week ago, reports have started circulating about an Apple-wide policy stating that the older iPads that come in for service must be replaced with iPad Air 2 fix stock. Given that the memo says from the 30th of March, it means that this should have already come into effect and there should be customers who are the receiving end of this new exchange. In case you didn't know, Apple earlier killed 16GB and 64GB models of the iPad Air 2. For those who want to bring in their iPad for servicing, it is advisable to check with Apple stores or authorized service providers if they are eligible for an upgrade.

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This is a great little move from Apple, as it ensures that users get at least something in return rather than nothing at all. This is because the tech giant reportedly has no stock left for the now-discontinued fourth-generation iPad and will soon be replacing it with the newer iPad Air 2. Also, it should be kept in mind that the iPad Air 2 is subject to region availability as well. Apple has also cut down on the prices of the 9.7 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro, for the 128GB and 256GB storage variants. The iPad Air 2, for the uninitiated, introduced a new gold colorway, and most recently had available configurations of 32 GB and 128 GB.

The iPad Air 2 was launched in October 2014 and features a variety of improvements from the iPad 4, including a faster processor, brighter Retina display, upgraded cameras, Touch ID fingerprint sensor and a slimmer design. Assuming nothing changes, Apple can be expected to fix, support, and replace (as needed) 4th generation iPad models up through at least around the end of 2019.

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329 gets you a new iPad.

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