Mugabe slammed over 'Zim second to SA' remark

FILE President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe rejects claims Zimbabwe is a fragile state despite crisis

He went on to say that Zimbabwe is one of the most well-resourced countries on the continent and also boosts 14 universities as well as a literacy rate of over 90%.

When asked if Zimbabwe is a fragile country, the president laughed and answered: "That's not true".

Among the problems the country now faces are a budget deficit that leaves it struggling to pay civil servants and power shortages due to droughts hindering hydropower generation. If anyone wants to call us fragile, they can.

Bank queues have become a common sight, as desperate Zimbabweans search for scarce cash, despite a decision by Mugabe to print a surrogate currency known as bond notes, which is slowly disappearing as well.

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Zimbabwe's president Robert Mugabe has insisted that his country is not a failed state, further accusing the U.S. of being "fragile".

"We discussed the issue of the situation in the country, the success of the World Economic Forum now and also about the need for us to meet more often, particularly the former liberation movements".

"I went into Nigeria three weeks ago to this region of the North East where Boko Haram has raised havoc since 2009 and now 47 000 people are living in starvation conditions even though it has not been declared and five million are on the brink of starvation".

"Our leaders say we rich, they say we are developed, they say we have resources, but the people do not see that".

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"We have a bumper harvest, maize, tobacco, and other crops".

Afghanistan-based political analyst Maxwell Saungweme said at his age, and considering that he has travelled across the globe, Mugabe should know that neighbouring countries such as Mozambique that were once far behind Zimbabwe in terms of development are now pulling ahead with thriving economies. "It appears even the leadership has become fragile too".

But he told a panel discussion on "fragile countries" at the World Economic Forum for Africa in the South African city of Durban that Zimbabwe's economy was on the mend.

"In the Islamic world, the belief is that the more violence you exert on the population, the more they listen".

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