Brazil says Zika epidemic is officially over

Brazil says Zika epidemic is officially over

Brazil says Zika epidemic is officially over

State health workers collected and tested more than 20,000 Aedes albopictus mosquitoes in the last mosquito season and none were positive for Zika.

"Avoiding unnecessary travel to Zika affected areas and applying insect repellent are some of the most effective tools for at-risk individuals in the fight against Zika", Zucker said.

The Zika virus emergency fell upon Brazil when the country was preparing to host the 2016 Olympics, fuelling the concerns that Rio Olympics could spread the virus.

The department's Emergency Operations Center can answer questions about Zika or make available free services.

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The decision to end the state of emergency evaluates four aspects: the impact on public health, the uncommon or unexpected nature of the virus, if there is a risk for global contagion, and if there is a significant need for restrictions on worldwide commerce or travel.

The DOH news release did not specify which island the microcephaly case was on.

DPH and the Department of Agriculture have a working plan to respond to mosquito control issues if the virus enters the state's mosquito population and are emphasizing the importance of localized and individual prevention. The state of emergency had been declared in November 2015.

The first pregnant woman in Nebraska with Zika gave birth to a healthy baby girl earlier this week at Methodist Women's Hospital in Omaha.

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But the World Health Organization has warned that Zika is "here to stay", even when cases of it fall off, and that fighting the disease will be an ongoing battle. Pregnant women and their partners should postpone travel to areas with active Zika virus transmission.

"The important thing now is that we don't forget the victims", she added.

The Zika virus trace in human was recorded in 1954 in Nigeria.

Zika wasn't connected as the cause of microcephaly until 2015, when the government recognized the virus as a full-on epidemic. "Protocols for screening pregnant women for potential Zika exposure should become the norm".

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