Netflix Blocking Rooted Phones Following Latest Update

Netflix App Disappearing For Some Users on Google Play Store

Some rooted Android users can no longer download Netflix from Google Play

That could be a timed thing, and the app could stop working before too long, but for now it seems that it's still a functioning app on devices where, technically speaking, it shouldn't be.

With this change, only devices that are Google certified and meet all standard Android requirements will be able to download Netflix.

The video streaming giant confirmed to Android Police that its app is not visible on Google Play to anyone with a device that has been altered or is not Google-certified. In rooted devices, there are ways to transfer to other devices and this leads to illegal circulation of the media content online. Once you've obtained it, install it manually on your device. In order to do so, you simply have to download the Netflix installation file from a third-party outlet like APKMirror and manually install it onto your smartphone.

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While the app is still at a strong 4.4/5 rating, numerous comments a new visitor sees when going to the page are critical of Netflix's decision, calling it a "walled garden" and a "consumer-hostile" move. Apparently Netflix fears that users with rooted phones and tablets will download content from Netflix and strip away copy protections.

The vast majority of Android users never bother with rooting their hardware.

Power users own the majority of rooted devices.

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At the moment, competing apps from services like Hulu have yet to announce similar moves. If the phone has been rooted, then you won't be able to use Netflix app from now on. But when you do so, you'll lose all improvements made by Netflix.

Rooted devices aren't just used for piracy.

Google does not approve of this and Netflix does not want to be on the wrong side with Google. It wants to protect its property.

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Meanwhile, people who are using un-rooted and legitimate Android devices don't have to sweat over the update.

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