Google Poised to Roll Out Arsenal of Services, Gadgets

Google previously introduced the feature for its Allo messaging app and Inbox, an email app from Gmail focused on improving productivity.

Moving on to Vitals, Google is introducing a new program called Google Play Protect to keep Android users safe from dangerous apps.

Bloomberg reports that Google plans to bring Assistant to the iPhone through "a free, standalone app" available through the App Store. Most of time Google here talks about the tools and services that are relevant to developers. Google is releasing its voice-controlled assistant on a free app designed for iPhone's operating system - basically competing with Apple's assistant on her own turf.

Developers will have some idea of what to expect from Android O thanks to a developer preview, but other news is expected on Google Assistant and Google Home, the chocolate factory's competitors to the Amazon Echo and Alexa.

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Speaking of Trump, he said: "His love for and commitment to the state of Israel is rock solid and it enjoys his highest priority". With the back-and-forth, many pro-Israel Americans and Israelis are apprehensive about what will take place next week.

Google is another big rival for Shutterfly, which offers a digital photo storage service, photo books and calendars. It will soon support non-premium Spotify accounts, Soundcloud, and Deezer, and Google will also add Bluetooth support so you can play other stuff directly from your phone, tablet, or laptop as you could with any Bluetooth speaker. For example, Google knows the route you take to work, and it will start to advise you when traffic is looking bad before you even ask it.

Here's a look at what Google could announce across a number of fronts at this year's I/O, which runs from Wednesday through Friday.

The new auto feature also hints at Google's long-term ambitions to spread its artificial intelligence service to every corner of consumer's lives.

Although no specific details are available about the new VR hardware from Google, there are rumours that this would be similar to Facebook Oculus and HTC Vive.

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S&P 500 e-mini futures dropped as much as 0.7 percent overnight before paring the slide to 0.4 percent 90 minutes before the open. President Donald Trump disclosed highly sensitive intelligence information to senior Russian officials at a meeting last week.

With hands-free calling, Google is letting Home users call anyone's mobile or landline within the United States or Canada.

Google says you can also choose to share entire photo libraries or portions of them if you wish.

Android O is a sure thing at Google IO. However, with the latest version only just making its way onto smartwatches, it's likely the software will see too much of an overhaul this year.

The Assistant debuted a year ago on Google's own hardware, and the company has gradually extended the tool to devices from other manufacturers running on its Android operating system. Or, point it at the barcodes, network name and password keys on the back of a router and it connects your phone to the Wi-Fi network. What is expected to be showcased are new tweaks in Android software for mobile phones and other devices. The company will also have to modify its existing controllers to make them trackable, compatible with the new headset.

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