Teens dangle from Golden Gate Bridge by their FINGERTIPS

A climber scales the Golden Gate Bridge

A climber scales the Golden Gate Bridge

The teenagers, Peter Teatime and Tommy Rector, told the Daily Mail details of their climb up the 746-foot bridge towers: "It was a tough climb and incredibly tiring, those cables get very steep".

"It was one of the craziest experiences of my life!" In the video, one man can be spotted sidestepping a gate in the Marin Headlands, which may have been their access point to the bridge.

However, the act of the thrill-seekers revealed to the authorities that the multi-million dollar security system of Golden Gate Bridge has some gaps. "These climbers' reckless actions could have caused immeasurable harm to those driving below".

'But for any explorer the Golden Gate Bridge is an absolute must-do, as it's the tallest bridge in the U.S. and such an iconic structure, ' he said.

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Teatime and Rector snuck down the Marin Headlands, along the bridge, and once the sun set, climbed the bridge's suspension stays from the shore.

Despite climbing the bridge - and trespassing near it - being completely illegal, Teatime still called his climb a "must-do".

Once they reached the top of the bridge, Teatime said, the friends chose to perform somersaults and hang their bodies to add another level of thrill to the climb. The video follows the friends as they scaled a series of stairs, performed somersaults and back flips and hung their bodies off the bridge.

The Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District sent out a news release Tuesday, describing the incident.

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"The Golden Gate Bridge is not an amusement park ride", officials said during the press conference.

While the video has gone viral, there were no authorities around at the time of the stunt and isn't sure if they have got the footage yet.

Teatime says he hopes he won't be arrested and even plans to to contact bridge officials to help them identify flaws in their security system.

The bridge district did not know about the climb when it happened, and changes are underway in the "security infrastructure" and monitoring of the cameras and patrolling on the bridge, Clemens said.

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"In many areas where you could hurt the bridge, we have different types of sensors that trigger an alarm, there is an audible and then that camera pops up on the big screen".

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