Vive Unveils New Wireless, Standalone VR Headset

It will support the new Daydream WorldSense motion tracking, though.

Microsoft has touted inside-out tracking in its HoloLens and other third-party Windows VR headsets as a key differentiator from the competition.

Google worked with Qualcomm to develop the design for the standalone headset. Instead of sliding your phone inside the headset, the new Vive VR viewer already has the screen, power and room-mapping smarts packed in. Bavor said WorldSense, which leans on Google's Tango augmented reality system, matches the view in the virtual world with that in the real world, eliminating the need to set up separate position-tracking cameras.

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Neither headset has been shown, although HTC has released a tease of its model, pictured above.

If Google's making their own VR headset tech, that makes some more sense as to why they acquired Owlchemy Labs for VR content.

Google announced new details about Android O (it's gotta be nicknamed Android Oreo, right?) and it's not going to be a big feature-packed update.

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The current HTC Vive requires the sizable headset to be tethered to a substantial PC rig - but the Taiwanese firm has now cut the cord with its more mobile Vive standalone offering.

Google's latest product in its Daydream line of VR hardware will be standalone VR headsets. Think about it: a gizmo built with VR in mind from the ground up, with the best sensors, high-quality optics, and top-notch displays, should be able to outperform a smartphone any day. You just put the thing on and start using it.

Google also announced that Expeditions VR, the platform that lets students take virtual "field trips", will roll out to some schools through a Pioneer program this fall.

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