"Kingsman's" Sofia Boutella resurrects "The Mummy"

Put the Tom Cruise Mummy Back in Its Tomb

The Mummy review round-up: Critics slam 'messy plot' of Tom Cruise starrer

Actor Courtney B. Vance was forced to walk off a knee injury while filming new movie The Mummy after having to shoot the same scene 70 times.

The reboot starring Tom Cruise hits cinemas this Friday (June 9) - and has been slammed by one critic as a "pain in the sarphocagus". Filming for The Mummy took place in England and Namibia throughout 2016. I come in on a helicopter, get off it, we're walking and things are flying around just as we're walking and talking, all in one take.

Predictable pagan mumbo-jumbo aside, there's not much to bother grown viewers in the film. We get Tom Cruise and that should be considered a trade up.

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The Mummy is an American action adventure film. Power and intelligence radiate off her, but there are just enough surprising moments of vulnerability that when she tries to explain to Cruise that none of this is actually her fault, there was a part of me that nearly wanted to believe it. Then in 1999, Universal scored a major box office success with Brendan Fraser and Rachel staring in the wild, entertaining, and CG-enhanced "The Mummy".

Long ago, an ancient Egyptian princess, Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella), murders her entire family in order to claim the throne that she believes is rightfully hers. Jen has secrets of her own, though, like how she works for Russell Crowe who-twist!-plays Dr. Jekyll.

Nick and his military sidekick Chris (Jake Johnson from "The New Girl") are soon joined by an archeologist (played by Annabelle Wallis from the horror film, "Annabelle") and quickly organize an effort to fly the sarcophagus out of Iraq. Russell Crowe also makes an appearance as Dr. Henry Jekyll (yup, THAT Dr. Jekyll) in a performance that is equal parts schlocky and entertaining.

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Enter Universal's Dark Universe, of which The Mummy is the first entry (Dracula Untold totally doesn't count anymore).

"I love this genre, and to be able to have a chance to bring it to a modern audience in an adventurous terrifying and epic way with her as The Mummy was very exciting". The Mummy may not be the action blockbuster Universal was hoping for, but it could become a so-bad-it's-good cult classic down the line. I think it was a testament to my relationship with Tom and my friendship with Tom that he trusted me going into it, and not taking advantage of the moment. It's really good. If you look at the original Bride, it's one of the weirdest movies ever made.

Direction: Alex Kurtzman, in his second directing gig, doesn't really bring anything distinct to proceedings and, while everything is fairly competent, there is a feeling that he wastes his chance to do something really interesting with Tom Cruise in the lead. The plot was as empty as any I've seen all year.

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