A Gigantic Iceberg Has Broken Away From Antarctica

Iceberg of the doubled sized Luxembourg breaks off the ice shelf of Antarctica

A Gigantic Iceberg Has Broken Away From Antarctica

The iceberg broke off from the Larsen C ice shelf, scientists at the University of Swansea in Britain said.

The iceberg that was observed by a USA satellite on Wednesday covers an area greater than 2,300 square miles, larger than the state of DE, and is more than 650 feet thick.

The researchers' team from the Swansea University-led Midas project note that an iceberg got its personal name - A68, the huge mass of ice broke away at some time between Monday and Wednesday.

An iceberg the size of DE, weighing over a trillion tons, has broken off of Antarctica, NASA confirmed.

A Gigantic Iceberg Has Broken Away From Antarctica

Project MIDAS, a UK-based Antarctic research project, has been following the progress of the rift in the Larsen C ice shelf, following the disintegration of Larsen A in 1995 and Larsen B in 2002.

'The iceberg is one of the largest recorded and its future progress is hard to predict.

The iceberg is likely to break into fragments with some of the ice remaining for decades in the area while other parts may drift to warmer water, he said.

The six-month wait is over: a big 5,800-square-kilometer Antarctic ice shelf monitored by scientists finally broke away this week.

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But scientists remain divided over whether the break of Larsen C was a result of human-caused climate change or natural cycles.

With the loss of this new iceberg, the Larsen C shelf is now at its smallest size since the last ice age ended, around 11,700 years ago, the BBC reported.

The broadcaster added that if Larsen C continues to shatter, it would allow glaciers to flow into the ocean, which would raise sea levels.

A huge chunk of iceberg that was ever recorded had just broken away from Antarctica.

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NASA and European Space Agency satellites have been monitoring the shelf - offering dramatic pictures of the break that heightened interest beyond the scientific community.

Its fate could follow two previous ice shelves on the peninsula. The newly formed iceberg's volume is twice that of Lake Erie.

But the group says the calving could now destabilize the entire ice shelf.

Dr Martin O'Leary, a glaciologist who also worked as a part of the MIDAS team, said the shelf is now in a "very vulnerable position".

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An iceberg the size of DE split from Antarctica sometime in the last two days, capping weeks of speculation as to when the shelf would break loose.

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