Destiny 2: How to Fix the Termite Error Code

After you've unlocked your beta code and pre-loaded the games files to your Xbox One and PS4, use these Destiny 2 Beta tips to enjoy your time with the game.

Over the last few weeks, Bungie has been revealing more and more about the beta. You won't get to try the game again until it launches on September 6th. Players will have the option to select PC as their platform of choice; if they do, they will not be able to play until August.

In preparation for the beta we definitely suggest spending a quick 10 minutes to watch this Destiny 2 Beta Beginners guide from Arekkz.

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If players experience issues retrieving a Destiny 2 Early Access code upon pre-order, they must contact their retailer for further assistance. You can play a level of the campaign, a co-op strike level, and multiplayer until the cows come home, but only two of those things are really representative of what Destiny 2 is all about, and they're over about as soon as they begin, making this feel much more like an extended advertisement than anything else. Are you going to give the beta a chance?

KitGuru Says: While I will be getting Destiny 2 for the PC, I will be trying out the beta on PS4 this week just to see how it is.

Bungie's already detailed what content will be available as part of the trial, and while we won't be exploring any sandbox areas on Nessus as part of it, the Inverted Spire Strike and Endless Vale Crucible map will be accessible, both of which are found on the crimson-hued planet's surface. The Countdown game type forces you to meet an objective with a team.

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Taking all of this into account, with Destiny 2's open beta on PS4 being one of the most highly anticipated gaming events of the year, it's understandable that the trial is encountering hang-ups, especially with so many people flooding the servers. If you buy a foreign game this way, you'll circumvent a ton of expensive import fees. Three players can team up for The Spire at a time.

Clan support definitely won't be in the game though and you won't be able to carry over any progress you make in the beta to the final game.

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