DOOM 6.66 Update Makes Season Pass DLC Free and Revises Multiplayer Progression

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Doom Update 6.66 Today Makes All Multiplayer DLC Free, Adds New Progression System

If you are still playing Doom, you will be getting a rather hellish patch today in the form of update 6.66, which fixes a bunch of bugs and other issues. It also allowed some of the best modes and features like the bot support, which was one of the favorites of the fans. Doom is here with update 6.66, and developers chose to let everyone know there's never been a better time to play.

The revised progression system will alter when and how players unlock additional guns, demons, equipment, and all of the player and weapon customization options. Instead of relying on the random distribution of unlocks, items now unlock through specific levelling requirements or through in-game challenges that the player can complete.

New Rune System - The all-new Runes replace the Hack Module system.

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The next Doom update is straight from the bowels of Hell, if Hell is in fact a place where you get loads of nice stuff for free. Runes will act as perks, activating persistent abilities that can be customized in your loadout. Specifically, the kill card has been revised to provide more accurate information on their demise, including who killed them, as well as that player's weapon type and damage that combined to kill them.

Yes, Update 6.66 resets all players' multiplayer level back to 0. Starting on July 20 on Xbox One and PC, and July 27 on PlayStation 4, players can try DOOM for free.

Doom came out in May of 2016 to nearly universal critical acclaim, and Id Software has continued to update the game regularly since then.

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Existing players will see their levels reset, but that doesn't mean they have to abandon everything they've unlocked.

We'll update as region-specific details become available. As all progress from the free event is transferred to the full game for anyone that decides to purchase it, this may be an excellent opportunity to see if the game does live up to all the praise it received past year.

As a bonus, if you do play during the free weekend you will be able to retain your progress if you purchase the full version of DOOM. During this free weekend, the entire game will be available for $14.99 United States, including the campaign, arcade mode, and all that DLC and multiplayer content.

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