Israel seeks to kick out Al Jazeera

Israeli minister asks for closure of Al Jazeera's offices in Jerusalem

Israel moves to close Al Jazeera's offices over 'support for terrorism'

"The al-Jazeera channel continues to incite violence around the Temple Mount", he wrote in a Facebook post.

"Al Jazeera deplores this action from a state that is called the only democratic state in the Middle East and considers what it has done is unsafe", an unnamed official with Al Jazeera told the AFP.

"I will go through the legislatory mechanism to create the authority in which I can act freely", Kara said.

"Lately, nearly all countries in our region determined that Al-Jazeera supports terrorism, supports religious radicalization", Kara said.

All three countries and Bahrain have enforced a blockade on Qatar and issued a list of demands including the closure of Al Jazeera.

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He accused the Qatar-based broadcaster of "inciting violence which has provoked losses among the best of our sons", referring to two Druze policemen who were killed in a July 14 attack near the Al-Aqsa mosque compound in east Jerusalem. "I contacted other sources requesting to restrict the network's broadcasts to open satellites", Kara said at a press conference as quoted by the Jerusalem Online news outlet.

Kara announced his intentions to request that the Government Press Office revoke Al Jazeera reporters within Israel of their press passes and to contact the cable companies, who expressed willingness on their part towards blacking out the news agency's broadcasts.

He said Israel would join the Gulf countries and added: "These countries say the channel [Al Jazeera] is a tool of Daesh, Hezbollah and Iran; we are also supporting this trend".

"[We] will follow up the subject through appropriate legal and judicial procedures".

"On my instructions [Kara] took concrete steps to end Al Jazeera's incitement" in Israel.

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Israel's communications minister announced on Sunday that he wanted to shut down the operations of Qatar-based broadcaster Al-Jazeera in the country. However, it is also controversial within the Arab world.

The Foreign Press Association, which represents journalists covering Israel and the Palestinian territories for worldwide news organizations, said the move "is certainly a cause for concern".

The official defended Al-Jazeera's coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, saying it is "professional and objective" and gives both sides of events.

Saudi Arabia and Jordan have closed Al Jazeera offices in recent months, while the channel's signal has been blocked in the United Arab Emirates.

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