Denver DJ accused of groping Taylor Swift faces further cross-examination

Taylor Swift's defense team digs into former DJ in cross-examination to kick off trial

The Latest: Jury selection ends for day in Taylor Swift case

Mueller, a morning talk show host at the station, was sacked on June 4, two days after he met with Swift before a concert and allegedly stuck his hand under her dress and grabbed her buttocks.

Swift watched the proceedings closely, occasionally conferring with her counsel.

After the photo was taken, Taylor thanked them and she and Mueller shook hands, he testified. So many women and girls, including myself, have been subjected to this level of sexual assault and it's about time the perpetrators faced the consequences of their actions. "Any woman - rich, poor, famous or not - is entitled to not have that happen".

Swift, who appeared in court wearing a dark suit over a bluish-green blouse, has said she will donate any damages awarded in her suit to charities that fight sexual assault on women. The trial is expected to last around nine days; likely until 17 August. The singer countersued for a symbolic $1, alleging Mueller of "reaching under her dress and grabbing her bottom" during the incident.

"It was not an accident, it was completely intentional, and I have never been so sure of anything in my life", Swift stated.

Two years after the incident, he sued Taylor, her mom and her management team of slander and getting him fired.

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Mueller was dismissed after being accused of grabbing the buttocks of the singer before a 2013 Denver concert.

McFarland also suggested that Mueller may have been a victim of mistaken identity and that Swift might be confusing him with another man who was there.

The center of this curious case is David Mueller, radio professional who has worked in stations across Columbus OH, Kansas City and San Diego before becoming one-time DJ for country music station KYGO in Denver, Colorado.

The lawyer says that the lawsuit was filed as a principle, as Swift considers it to be assault.

After losing his position, Mueller sued swift, saying it was a "humiliating thing to be accused of something that despicable", and that if anything, he had accidentally touched her "ribcage or ribs".

Mueller said in depositions that his damages amount to some $3 million.

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The Denver trial follows a hard 12 months for the singer after a much-ridiculed 2016 summer fling with British actor Tom Hiddleston. Swift's attorneys have pointed to that as evidence of the inappropriate touching, and noted that KYGO cited the photo as one reason for his termination.

Earlier in the day, an attorney for Mueller told jurors that inappropriate touching is wrong, but falsely accusing someone of the offense is equally unacceptable.

He denied Baldridge's claim that he destroyed evidence and repeatedly changed his story. Both teams also used additional photos from other meet-and-greets that night they claim prove their point about the nature of Mueller's conduct.

Baldridge asked Mueller if Swift was the one who fired him.

Instead of settling out of court, Swift, 27, is expected to take the stand and testify in the civil case against a former Denver DJ.

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