Perseid meteors bring stunning shower of shooting stars across the UK

If you can see through the clouds, there's a meteor shower happening tonight in Ireland

Indians, get ready for the annual Perseid Meteor Shower between August 12-13

A clear sky gave most parts of the United Kingdom an opportunity to spot the meteors, said Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna.

The clouds cleared across many areas of the United Kingdom to give astronomy fans a glimpse of the stunning shower, and the stunning spectacle was also visible across Europe.

Did you get a picture? Comet Swift-Tuttle is the largest object known to repeatedly pass by Earth; its nucleus is about 26km wide.

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The Perseids are so named because they appear to originate from the constellation Perseus, in the north east of the night sky.

It's made up of debris from the Swift-Tuttle comet and happens every August. Best thing to do is try and stay up late till midnight or even later, as that will give you the best shot to catch the meteors.

Corp said smoke and a semi-full moon may make it more hard to clearly see the shooting stars, but should still be visible with less light pollution out at the beach.

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NASA's meteor expert, Bill Cooke, says the Perseids "can be the warm-up act".

The meteor show began a few weeks ago and is expected to continue for another week. In dark skies away from city lights you may see up to 40-50 meteors per hour.

Robin Scagell, vice president of the Society for Popular Astronomy, said: "The Perseids can be very bright and often quite spectacular". Peak viewing will be Saturday night through early Sunday morning. What we're actually seeing is the pieces of comet debris heat up as they enter the atmosphere and burn up in a bright burst of light, streaking a vivid path across the sky as they travel at 59km per second.

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