Australia Deputy Prime Minister Caught in Dual Citizenship Crisis

Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce

Australia Deputy Prime Minister Caught in Dual Citizenship Crisis

Australia's daily newspapers couldn't resist a good Kiwi joke after it emerged that our deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce was a dual citizen.

Three Australian lawmakers, who unknowingly flouted laws against dual citizens becoming lawmakers, have resigned since last month, and a handful of others have had their citizenship status called into question.

It will now be up to the High Court to decide whether Mr Joyce, in holding dual citizenship, has breached Section 44 of the constitution and is eligible to sit in Parliament.

That would be a disaster for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's conservative government, which only holds a one-seat majority.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull enters the House after his government lost a division 69-61

The Nationals leader told Parliament he had received verbal confirmation before Question Time that his application to renounce his NZ citizenship had been accepted. Renunciation won't affect the court decision since the case rests on his eligibility to run in the last election. So if Australia's supreme court rules against him, Joyce will be deemed ineligible to be a senator and spark a lot of potential havoc in the government.

'New Zealand's facing an election.

"I would find it very hard to build trust with those involved in allegations created to undermine the government of Australia", she said.

Former Green MP Scott Ludlam, who stood down after it was revealed he was born in New Zealand, chimed in with a friendly greeting.

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Julie Bishop claimed Labor had colluded with New Zealand Labor to bring down the Australian government.

Joyce told Parliament of his shock at finding out about his Kiwi citizenship, after he was contacted by the New Zealand High Commission.

Senator Wong said her staffer had mentioned the issue was part of an informal discussion with friends and that it was questions from journalists that had resulted in the disclosure of Mr Joyce's second citizenship.

Wong said Bishop's "extraordinarily reckless and irresponsible" accusations risked straining relations with New Zealand, one of Australia's closest allies.

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Via Twitter, Dunne dismissed suggestions Hipkins was responsible for Joyce's predicament as "utter nonsense", adding: "While Hipkins' questions were inappropriate, they were not the instigator. Australian media inquiries were", Dunne tweeted on Tuesday.

"For the Turnbull government to then turn this into a diplomatic incident to try to distract attention from the failings of the Deputy Prime Minister is both reckless and damaging".

Amber Heard has mocked the Australian politician responsible for her dog smuggling drama after it was discovered his dual citizenship went against the country's constitution.

Heard and Depp released their now-famous apology video addressing the situation.

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Joyce, who Depp once said "looks somehow inbred with a tomato", has long cultivated an image as a straight-talking Aussie bushman, usually sporting a wide-brimmed Akubra hat and elastic-sided farm boots.

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