Google Allo web client now available for Android users

Allo for web looks to be about to launch with new link in app sidebar

Google Allo for web finally arrives, but only for Android users

Allo For Web should already be available worldwide and anyone running the latest mobile version of the app can also take advantage of the newly launched desktop client. While the idea of an Allo web interface sounds exciting in theory, in reality it's just another Google messaging platform to ignore. If you're someone who wants your Google Allo conversations on the computer, you can easily set it up.

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Google Allo is now available on the web, but if you would like to use this new chat application you need to have an Android device. The iOS support is not yet given and is expected to be launched soon. It will only work in Chrome browsers as of now.

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Allo for web is paired with the Android app and needs the app in order to run, though a number of features are missing from the web.

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The web version of Google Allo works like WhatsApp Web. Then, open the app on your phone, tap the side menu button, and select Allo for web. You'll also need to pair the service with Google Chrome with a simple QR scan, and after that you'll be good to go. Well, we're a few weeks from that and would you look at that - "Allo for Web" is now showing (see above) for just about everyone in either v15 or v16 of the Allo Android app. But you'll still need both apps literally installed on your phone for this to work. Although, we also admit Google Allo should have had this feature a lot earlier. You can summon Assistant into conversations by clicking the button in the conversation bar and attach files, but there's no way to access the camera, so you won't be able to make selfie stickers. Well, for this reason, the new Google Allo for Web doesn't include the ability to launch a Duo call from within the client. As the site explains, Allo "learns if you're more of a "haha" or "lol" person so the more you use Google Allo, the more "you" the suggestions become".

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