Apple reportedly working on self-driving employee shuttle for its campuses

Apple reportedly working on self-driving employee shuttle for its campuses

Apple focusing on self-driving technology, not building cars: report

However, Apple executives apparently couldn't agree on a direction for the vehicle.

Apple is following the road taken by Google's Alphabet's Waymo, the autonomous vehicle subsidiary of Google-parent Alphabet, and downshifting on its still-unannounced self-driving auto project, according to a report in the New York Times. So far, the company is bringing that to life with its autonomous shuttle service that will transport employees from one Apple building to another.

PAIL, which isn't up and running yet, will likely be a commercial vehicle from another auto manufacturer and will be used to test Apple's self-driving technology.

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It is alleged that while Steve Zadesky, the Apple executive who was initially in charge of Titan, was keen to pursue the path of developing semiautonomous cars, the industrial design team, including Apple's chief designer Jonathan Ive, wanted the company to work on fully driverless cars because this would allow the company to reimagine the automobile experience, according to the five people. Engineers not only tried to write a "CarOS" to control autonomous vehicles, but investigated details like motorized doors and interior that featured augmented-reality displays, but lacked steering wheels and pedals. Apple also thought about reinventing the car's wheel by trying to switch it for wheels that looked like globes, apparently for better lateral movement. A team within Project Titan investigated if spherical, globe-like wheels is viable so it could give the vehicle better lateral movement, according to the Times report. Still, this does mean that at least Apple won't be dropping a disgusting autonomous monstrosity on us, as per the Google auto... The company tapped Bob Mansfield, a longtime executive who over the years had led hardware engineering for some of Apple's most successful products, to oversee Titan.

The disputes didn't stop there, according to the five unnamed Apple insiders, the next one was over whether self-driving software should be programmed in Apple's own programming language Swift, or the industry standard, C++.

Apple stepped up to regain course in the project past year when it put longtime executive Bob Mansfield, in charge of Titan.

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In June, Cook spoke about Apple's self-driving plans for the first time. Cook mentioned how the modern descendants of the Model- T would be shaken to the very chassis, with the growing importance of software and shift away from internal combustion engine, along with the rise of autonomous vehicles.

"We'll see where it takes us", he said. The name highlights the delays in the project, since Apple's main campus is already in the process of being moved to Apple Park, an enormous ring-shaped office down the road.

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