Cleveland doctors keep an eye out for eclipse patients

Can pets go blind from the solar eclipse?

Here's How You Can Tell If You Damaged Your Eyes Watching The Solar Eclipse

The Great American Eclipse is over, and we can all forget about it and get on with our lives, right?

The symptoms may not show up until 12 hours after viewing the eclipse, according to an NPR interview with Ralph Chou, professor emeritus of optometry and vision science at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.

Many people have voiced on social media that their eyes are still hurting since watching the solar eclipse?

If you look at the sun for 10 seconds, it might be too long, and if you do it for 20 seconds, it's definitely too long. This can cause eye pain and light sensitivity, with symptoms often occurring within 24 hours after exposure. A shortage of solar glasses prompted many to create improvised ways to view the sun, or to simply stay inside, as many school districts made a decision to have their students do.

Eye doctors say they've taken calls about possible vision damage, and what to do with glasses.

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Dr. Angie Wen from Mount Sinai Hospital also said that patients experience headaches and nausea that are connected with changes in their vision should have themselves checked for any eye damage.

If you suffered more serious retina damage, experts say the signs of vision loss could appear immediately or within two weeks after the direct exposure to the sun.

If you're anxious about potential eye damage, don't wait, say experts.

An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor trained to check your eyes for injury or disease, and as such, they are the best equipped to investigate if you caused any damage to your eyes during the eclipse.

Lou Tomososki was walking home with a friend Roger Duval in 1962 from Marshall High School in Bend, Oregon, when they stopped to observe the partial eclipse in the sky. After the eclipse, many Americans who watched the celestial event unprotected complained about vision issues.

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Staring at the eclipse isn't advisable, but as long as you didn't do it for a long period of time, you probably don't have a whole lot to worry about.

If you looked at the eclipse unprotected, chances are it was for more than a few seconds.

Bottom line: If you think you may have experienced retinal burns and have lost vision or are experiencing blind spots, go see an eye doctor.

Hersman's colleague, Dr. Aaron Mjelstad, also saw a patient on Tuesday who feared she'd injured her eyes by viewing the eclipse. Another symptom may be a spot, or multiple spots, in the center of one's vision.

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