I don't 'want to be disappointed by Congress' on tax cuts

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The Republican U.S. senator from Missouri, Roy Blunt, strolled across The White House lawn with President Trump on Wednesday morning before heading to Andrews Air Force Base aboard Marine One. Trump is expected to encourage Congress to move forward on cutting tax rates and simplifying the tax code.

In the speech, the president will argue that lowering individual and business tax rates will jump-start the American economy and creating millions of new jobs. The president framed the US tax code problem in terms of competitiveness. "I see them putting these ideas out as though they're making progress, but they are the same regurgitated ideas we've been talking about for 20 years that have never gotten past the white-paper stage".

Democrats have said they will not support a tax proposal that offers relief for the very wealthy.

The officials, who asked not to be identified during a conference call with reporters, said those ideas would make for a "bipartisan" message because the notion of a rigged economy cuts across the spectrum of US political ideology.

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But a major tax reform may be easier said than done.

The President will be joined Wednesday in Springfield by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who will also travel solo to other battleground states, such as Nevada and West Virginia, to pitch the tax reform effort. "The middle class thrived, and median family income increased".

"An administration official told NBC News that this is a "'Why we need tax reform, ' not a "How we're gonna do it" speech".

By expressing optimism Congress would pass a tax bill, Trump alluded to the Senate's inability to pass legislation to repeal and replace President Obama's health care law.

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"When you hear the president talking about ending the rigged system, I think another way to phrase that is restoring a fundamental American precept, which is fairness", said another White House aide, also speaking on condition of anonymity.

Those panels must decide how to raise trillions to pay for the massive tax cuts the White House has promised, and which deductions and loopholes to eliminate. The current tax code is too complicated, too costly and too time consuming for most families to understand and file their taxes.

A lot of key questions remain on the Trump tax plan, which is at the heart of the administration's goal of achieving yearly economic growth of at least three percent.

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