NASA's space champ returns to Earth, logs 665 days aloft

NASA's space champ returns to Earth, logs 665 days aloft

NASA's space champ returns to Earth, logs 665 days aloft

The other astronaut to return home was Jack Fischer, with 136 days in orbit. All three appeared relaxed and in good health, smiling and chatting with support crews under a clear morning sky.

The crew will participate in standard post-flight medical evaluations.

As a result of the impacts of Hurricane Harvey, NASA is reviewing return plans to Houston.

NASA all-time space champ Peggy Whitson is back on Earth after a record-breaking flight. On Friday (Sept. 1) Yurchikhin handed over command of the ISS to Bresnik. "Since then, there's been historic rainfall that they say Houston hasn't seen in a millennium".

Three men remain at the space station: Bresnik, a Russian and an Italian. "We will do our utmost to show the same dedication and fortitude every single day that you guys exemplified every single day".

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Whitson earned her doctorate in biochemistry in 1985 and worked for NASA as a scientist for seven years before becoming an astronaut in 1997.

The Soyuz spacecraft tipped over onto its side, which is common for Soyuz crew landings, NASA TV commentator Rob Navias said during a webcast of the landing.

Throughout her third mission aboard the station, Whitson spent much of her time on experiments, including studies of cancerous lung tissue and bone cells.

As TechCrunch noted, Whitson was scheduled to return in June but "happily accepted" an invitation to stay on the ISS longer when Russian space agency Roscosmos canceled a joint mission to the station earlier in 2017.

An astronaut who's spent more time in space than any other American is about to leave the International Space Station, to return home. She launched on November 17 with 377 days in space already under her belt, and on April 24 broke Jeff Williams' standing U.S. record of 534 cumulative days in space.

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Back at the ISS, a view was available of the newest Soyuz belonging to Expedition 53 and attached to the space station as it continues its orbit of Earth.

As part of expeditions, 50, 51 and 52, Whitson has 665 days in space in total, with 288 days on this trip.

The world's most experienced spacewoman is due back on Earth this weekend following 9 ½ months at the International Space Station. The storm delayed NASA's plane from getting there in time to bring the two back right away, said flight director Zeb Scoville.

She said that, apart from the last week, her time in space flew by but that she missed pizza and her husband, fellow biochemist Clarence Sams. I love working up here. A series of parachutes were deployed to slow the spacecraft down about 15 minutes before touchdown, followed by a last-second burn of six soft-landing engines that helped cushion the last few feet of the fall. "Having three more months to squeeze is just what I would wish for".

The three astronauts had an emotional farewell from the International Space Station, embracing the three colleagues they were leaving behind before they got into the Soyuz.

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Whitson broke the US record of 534 cumulative days in orbit during the mission.

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