Pope Francis: If Trump's a 'Good Pro-Lifer' He'll Rethink DACA Decision

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Thousands Greet Pope in Villavicencio, Colombia

The pope's remarks on Sunday are not the first time he's questioned Trump on issues regarding immigration.

"Those who deny this must go to the scientists and ask them".

Francis said he knew of Trump's decision last week to abrogate an order issued by his predecessor Barack Obama that protected around 800,000 young people by granting them temporary legal status.

The pope further commented on climate change, whose impact is being felt partly in Texas and Florida these days, with hurricanes Harvey and Irma wreaking havoc.

During a short papal press conference on his return flight from a trip to Sweden, Francis said that political authorities need to exercise prudence so as not to allow more migrants into the country than can be reasonably assimilated, suggesting that the failure of migrants to integrate can lead to a risky "ghettoization". The "sins" that occurred during years of conflict causes souls to become sick - but this illness is not culpable; it is caused by "ugly sins".

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Pope Francis is voicing his opposition to President Donald Trump's decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that offered protections to young immigrants. However, he said, "uprooting young people from their families is not something that will bear fruit".

But Pope Francis is urging the president to rethink a decision that the religious leader fears could tear families apart.

"The relationship between a young person and his roots is very important". "Anything that goes against the roots", he continued, "steals their hope".

Francis said individuals and politicians had a "moral responsibility" to act on advice from scientists, who had clearly outlined what must be done to halt the course of global warming. But he called attention to the suffering Mexico has endured, and called for prayer for that country.

He pushed the issue of climate change during his meeting with the United States leader by handing Trump a copy of his science-laden encyclical about the moral responsibility to protect the environment. God commands us to welcome migrants, but governments have a duty to face the problem of migration with "prudence".

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Microsoft and Apple are offering full defence of these young migrants most of whom are employed with technology firm. President Donald Trump tweeted last week lawmakers have six months to come up with a solution.

Francis said he was grateful to both Italy and Greece for having welcomed so many migrants in.

"And if a country is only able to integrate 20, let's say, then it should only accept that many".

Holy Father spoke at press conference Sunday aboard the papal plane from Colombia to Rome.

Congress had several times tried and failed to pass the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act, or a version of it, that would help young immigrants who came to the USA illegally before the age of 16 to lawfully remain in the US and even have a path to citizenship. "I pray for that".

Consuela, from Choco, Colombia, said: "Now I want to live".

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