Discovery' Premiere Draws 8 Million Viewers on CBS

Doug Jones as Lieutenant Saru Sonequa Martin Green as First Officer Michael Burnham Michelle Yeoh as Captain Philippa Georgiou. STAR TREK DISCOVERY

Why 6'4″ Lt. Saru on 'Star Trek: Discovery' Walks Like Supermodel

Star Trek: Discovery premieres Sunday night, September 24th around the world and on several different platforms in what might be CBS's most widespread launch of a TV series. While Star Trek: Discovery has a lot to do with this, the recent surge is also partly thanks to the return of the National Football League and the popular Big Brother franchise. The talk show, hosted by Matt Mira, originally of the Nerdist, includes guest appearances from "Star Trek's" stars and features discussions of the episode and recaps. All new episodes will be available on demand weekly after 8:30 PM ET on Sundays exclusively for CBS All Access stateside subscribers.

While I appreciate that TV Trek grew stiff and insular over the last few shows - the last show, Enterprise, spent four years mired in an increasingly incomprehensible master plot about an invasion from the future, short-changing the characters in the process - this feels like the wrong kind of fan service. All 15 episodes of Star Trek: Discovery will be available to watch on Netflix with Klingon subtitles, it was also revealed.


We can also look forward to hearing more about what looks like a Daft Punk robot with a "RED ALERT" message on his face. The show offers up a fair amount of background, some of it ultimately unnecessary, and balances that with a massive helping of Klingon ritual and ceremony, most of which will prove wasted effort by the time the series really gets underway. Somewhere, T'Kuvma weeps.

It gets enough things right that it's hard not to see as a success, but it would be a tragedy if Star Trek forgot that it's about explorers and not soldiers. It marks the first time Australians can legally watch Star Trek the day after it screens in the United States - without putting up with Channel Nine's antics and Sam Newman's smug face.

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Burnham's history as a human who lived and studied on Vulcan since childhood gives her a unique spin as the series lead, and while I won't get into spoilers here, certain actions that she takes - and which are informed by that history - lend a dark edge to her character that will no doubt have repercussions throughout the first season of Discovery. They loved it too! On the other, it makes ideal sense to talk about them together: I can't think of another time when a new TV show has launched and, after less than an hour, asked viewers to pay for a streaming service they probably don't want in order to continue. The result, creatively, makes for an awkward liftoff, one perhaps most notable for its commercial mission, which is to entice new subscribers to CBS All Access.

"Star Trek: Discovery" made its big debut last night on CBS, with Episode 1 ending on a tantalizing cliffhanger.

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Johnson: I am blessed to be co-writing the comic with Kirsten Beyer, who is a writer on the show (as well as an acclaimed Star Trek novelist). It doesn't help matters that the Shenzhou looks way more high-tech than anything on the original series or TNG, and that the Starfleet uniforms on the show barely resemble those of the era that it's supposedly just 10 years behind.

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