Aston Martin Takes the Plunge with a Branded Submarine

Aston Martin launches Project Neptune submarine

Aston Martin collaborates on design of submarine

28 September 2017, Monaco: Aston Martin is proud to announce a creative collaboration with Triton Submarines LLC, the acclaimed manufacturer of state-of-the-art submersibles.

Aston Martin Consulting, an offshoot of the Aston Martin automotive design studio has designed a submarine that will actually be built in a strictly limited number for wealthy customers to hang off the back of their super yachts. They are typically used for scientific research, or movie and television filming, but can also be privately owned, stored aboard a yacht, and used for pleasure and underwater exploration.

Aston Martin's latest project aims to go beneath the surface, literally.

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Patrick Lahey, President of Triton Submarines LLC said: "We have always admired Aston Martin". The British sports auto builder is collaborating with Florida-based Triton Submarines to create Project Neptune, a limited edition luxury sub for life aquatic fans and wannabe secret agents.

From the look of the concept art, Aston Martin and Triton knocked the design out of the park. "From our first interaction, it was apparent that Triton and Aston Martin were natural partners and our complimentary values will be realised in this truly exciting project".

However, Project Neptune is clearly the in its early stages and might never make its way out of a concept and into production.

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"It is a clear and engaging demonstration of how Aston Martin's expertise in sports auto design and craftsmanship can be extended into new aspects of the luxury world".

Aston Martin is a British luxury sports auto company and Triton Submarines of Vero Beach, Fla., is a top civil submarine manufacturer.

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