Pruitt's $25000 Sound Proof Phone Booth Raises Serious Concerns

A representative from Acoustical Solutions said that the booth protects from eavesdroppers

A representative from Acoustical Solutions said that the booth protects from eavesdroppers

Other EPA administrators did not have the soundproof booth, the Post reported, adding that Pruitt's is expected to be finished October 9.

Thousands more pages of emails from his time as Oklahoma's attorney general, released earlier this year after the Center for Media and Democracy sued for them to be made public, detailed an often-chummy relationship between Pruitt's office and Devon Energy, a major oil and gas exploration and production company based in Oklahoma City.

In July, Pruitt flew on a private plane for official travel while visiting his home state of Oklahoma, CBS News reported.

Pruitt flew from Cincinnati to New York's JFK airport on an Air Force jet on June 7.

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Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt has taken at least four noncommercial and military flights since mid-February, costing taxpayers more than $58,000 to fly him to various parts of the country, according to records provided to a congressional oversight committee and obtained by The Washington Post.

Pruitt took a private jet on August 4 from Denver to Durango, Colorado, and back on the same day, EPA also confirmed, after the agency says his commercial flight was delayed. While Bowman told The Washington Post that the booth "is something which a number, if not all, cabinet offices have", a salesman for the company installing the room told The New York Times it was unusual and ended up costing almost four times that of comparable booths. It calls for the construction of a $24,570 "privacy booth" for Pruitt's office.

Liz Purchia-Gannon, a former spokesperson for former EPA administrator Gina McCarthy of the Obama administration, blasted the expense of Pruitt's new SCIF.

A senior administration official, who asked not to be identified in order to discuss internal procedures, said the agency's policy was instituted to ensure that employees are focused on the discussion during meetings.

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A spokesman for the EPA told CNN that the use of the military plane was necessary "due to logistical obstacles and the need to schedule meetings with the Vatican before the G7 Summit". On Sept. 16, it was disclosed that the EPA administrator had used taxpayer dollars to charter a private plane for a flight between two cities in Colorado on August 4, CBS News reports.

The agency's inspector general is also looking into special agents being pulled from their regular posts investigating environmental crimes to work as Pruitt's 24/7 security detail.

"As someone who spent a lot of time in the administrator's office, I can tell you that there was nothing like this previously".

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