Rex Tillerson responds to 'castration' comment on CNN, 'I'm fully intact'

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Donald Trump will continue diplomatic efforts with North Korea 'until the first bomb drops', says Rex Tillerson

"You can not publicly castrate your own secretary of state", Corker, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told The Washington Post.

Tillerson was spot on when he called Trump a "fuc*ing moron", only a clueless president would tell his Secretary of State that he is wasting his time negotiating. Tax plan puts swing-state Republicans in tough spot MORE (R-Tenn.) that Trump is trying to "publicly castrate" his chief diplomat.

In an interview with CNN, Tillerson tried to minimize tweets the president recently sent that appeared to undermine the secretary of state's diplomatic efforts and credibility.

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He doubled down on his support for the secretary of state Friday, saying that while he was concerned about Trump's "very irresponsible" Twitter habits, "it's the first part" - the "castration" of Tillerson - "that I am most exercised about". "I think this is an unconventional president", he told CNN's Jake Tapper.

Tillerson gave a minute-long response explaining that his and President Trump's end goals are in alignment, while also describing Trump's communication methods as "unconventional". It was after that session that Tillerson, in a private conversation with fellow USA officials, exasperatedly called the President a "moron", a comment that sparked new questions about the two men's relationship.

"It actually enjoys the status quo, the last thing anybody likes to do in this town is make a decision", he said.

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"These are the games of Washington", Tillerson said.

In Sunday's interview, Tillerson would not deny using the insult about the president.

"You can not publicly castrate your own secretary of state without giving yourself that binary choice", Corker said Friday.

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The secretary of State said he's fully committed to Trump's objectives.

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