European Union imposes more sanctions on North Korea

North Korea threatens Australia with 'DISASTER' as Aussie warships head for Kim's doorstep

North Korea threatens Australia: 'They will not be able to avoid a disaster'

Foreign ministers meeting in Luxembourg signed a new package of measures, including a ban on investments in North Korea and on exports of oil to Pyongyang, AFP reported.

As part of the new sanctions, North Korean workers in the European Union will not have their work permits renewed when they expire, except for refugees and those needing global protection.

While China and Russian Federation have backed the terms of sanctions, they are also both deeply critical of US foreign policy in the Asia-Pacific and have joined a number of countries in appealing to Trump to de-escalate the increasingly tense nuclear standoff between him and his North Korean counterpart.

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"Lately, Australia is showing risky moves of zealously joining the frenzied political and military provocations of the USA against the DPRK", the KCNA said. "But North Korea's threats only strengthen our resolve to find a peaceful solution to the rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula, caused entirely by North Korea's illegal, threatening and provocative behavior".

Foreign minister Ms Bishop told reporters on Sunday that while the threats are honest, Australia is not a primary target - and reminded media it wasn't the first time the country had been threatened by Kim Jong-un.

The statement refers to the visit to South Korea this week by Julie Bishop and Marise Payne during which they met their counterparts and visited the truce-village of Panmunjom.

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"We will continue to do everything we can to protect and help and support our allies". Ms. Bishop explained that the communist regime blatantly defied the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council by pressing on with its nuclear and missile tests.

"Australia will continue to work with allies, friends and partners on a collective strategy to impose maximum pressure - diplomatic and economic - on the North Korean regime so it changes its behaviour and we compel it back to the negotiating table".

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