Orionid meteor shower: How Canadians can view the celestial show this weekend

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How to see the Orionid meteor shower

They are so-called because they appear to originate in the same part of the sky as the constellation Orion.

If you're in an area with more light pollution, a pair of binoculars will help.

The eastern US will have the best weather on Friday night for viewing the shower with a large dome of high pressure promoting clear skies across the region, AccuWeather reports.

While falling Orionids will be visible to the naked eye from nearly anywhere in the country, stargazers are advised to steer clear of cities so as to escape light pollution for the best view of the dazzling display. As for Halley's comet, that iconic chunk of ice and rock won't be visiting Earth again until 2061. These "shooting stars" will become more numerous during the peak with an average of 10-20 per hour this year. This is easy to locate in the sky: most people can pick out the line of three stars known as Orion's Belt.

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The average rate is 20 to 25 per hour around the shower's peak, which is Saturday.

NYUP.com columnist and CNY Observers director Damian Allis said the best way to look at the shower is to "lie flat on the ground with your feet pointed towards Orion".

No. Viewing will be best with the naked eye.

Nasa describe the space-show as "one of the most handsome meteor showers of the year".

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The shower is active throughout October, but Kerss says the best time to see it will be on October 22 between midnight and dawn, when the sky is darkest and the shower will be at its brightest.

Clear skies are also expected across much of the southwestern U.S., while clouds create issues for those trying to view the shower in the northwestern and central U.S., AccuWeather said. However, they will appear to streak across the entire sky.

Astronomers in the United States can look forward to clear skies in the southwestern and eastern parts of the country.

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