Matt Damon and George Clooney call Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein a 'bully'

Director George Clooney and cast member Julianne Moore pose at the premiere for ‘Suburbicon’ in Los Angeles California

Director George Clooney and cast member Julianne Moore pose at the premiere for ‘Suburbicon’ in Los Angeles California

Matt Damon says he knew about Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual harassment of Gwyneth Paltrow because he had heard the story from friend Ben Affleck.

I never talked to Gwyneth about it but Ben told me that whatever agreement they had come to there was an understanding... and he treated her incredibly respectfully. He was proud of that. But. this level of criminal sexual predation is not something that I ever thought was going on.

Paltrow is one of dozens of actresses who've come forward in recent weeks with stories of sexual misconduct involving Weinstein. He added, "Let's stop having meetings in hotel rooms, you can have it in the restaurant downstairs". "I wouldn't want to be married to the guy, but that's not my business".

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More than 40 women have come forward to accuse Weinstein of sexual harassment or sexual assault, with allegations spanning decades.

"Listen, I'm scared to death, it's terrifying", he said of being a first-time dad, adding, "You're afraid of breaking them. And clearly they didn't".

As the story unfolds now, Clooney said, he insisted that he wants to know "all of it". The film is seen as a new crime thriller-black comedy mix "Race is never sort of a hot breaking news story its seems to always be part of our original stand so some of this was always going to play out..."

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Earlier in the interview, Damon mentioned that Weinstein's reputation for strong-arming those in the industry was well-known.

"Harvey would talk to me about women that he had had affairs with", said Clooney.

Angry Clooney went on to reveal he spoke to Weinstein less than a month before a New York Times expose (Oct17), which launched the producer's fall from grace, was published and agreed to write a letter on his behalf. He also said that men who sexually harass people should know that it won't be tolerated and that they "will be outed". "They are who we all should be thinking about".

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Harvey Weinstein, who just left his one-week pyschological treatment, is now under investigation by the LAPD, since more than 40 women have come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct and harrasment against him. "Right now I feel like my kids are innocent and don't have to deal with this stuff and I'm certainly concerned that at some point we'll all have to address it together".

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