Andrew Luck Won't Play This Season- What Now?

Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck , Michael Hickey Getty Images

The 2017 season goes down as a washout for Luck and, nearly surely, the Colts.

The Indianapolis Colts announced Thursday that injured quarterback Andrew Luck will be placed on injured reserve, ending his 2017 season. "So we're going to shut his throwing down and continue rehab".

Although the Colts are optimistic about Luck's eventual return to the field, many fans are frustrated.

Quarterback Andrew Luck will not play this season. "Career-ending is putting him out on the field before he's ready to play - that is where you should be concerned".

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Indianapolis is now in last place in the AFC South with a record of 2-6.

The easy way to look at things is to say everything will be back to normal for the Colts once Luck returns for the 2018 season.

In January, Irsay--the Owner of the franchise and the man who's word should be gospel when speaking to his fan base--said Luck would be ready for the season.

Translation: The Colts are facing the possibility of Luck never playing again at a high level and being on the hook for $87 million in salary guaranteed against injury.

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Too bad they can't just join Luck sitting out the rest of 2017. The Colts also would have a potential trade chip - Luck, Brissett or the new quarterback - that might pay dividends down the road no matter how things unfold.

Ballard said, "The consensus from all the doctors is to continue rehab, to be patient and to continue rehab". Even when Griffin's career began to unravel, there was little thought that Luck's would follow. Five months after the injury - or 20 weeks later - Luck said he still wasn't quite healed. The job is his to roll with, knowing Luck isn't walking back into the huddle until next season.

Pagano diligently tried to protect the Colts' big investment by giving him extra days off during the week last season. I assume it was a coincidence that the recent medical assessments of Luck's shoulder occurred immediately after Brissett was tenderized by the Jaguars defense to the tune of 10 sacks.

As for Luck, he said that he'll come out of all this as a better quarterback.

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