Lorde unveils new single 'Green Light' and announces sophomore album

Lorde unveils new single 'Green Light' and announces sophomore album Lorde worked on the song with Jack Antonoff, best known as the guitarist of fun . and the frontman of Bleachers . In a subsequent tweet , she wrote , "i am so proud of this's very different, and kinda's complex and amusing and sad and joyous and it'll make you DANCE". [Full Article...]

Hugh Jackman has a special message for Virat Kohli and his men

I wouldn't swear to it, but we thought that would have been an interesting thing to do. According to Filmibeat, Ryan Reynolds wants to have a Jackman to play the mutant with adamantium claws in a possible Deadpool and Wolverine film but Jackman declined and said that Reynolds can do it and he doesn't need Hugh . [Full Article...]

Never lifted a weight in my life before X-Men: Hugh Jackman

The once-powerful mutant is working as a limo driver, drinking heavily and obviously the worse for wear (although, being played by Hugh Jackman, he still looks pretty good). When asked if he wished he had the power to self-heal like Wolverine, Hugh said, "I wish I had a little bit of Logan's healing powers". So, it was exhausting, but knowing it's your last one, there's just no way I'm not going... [Full Article...]

The "Tupac BMW" Is Up For Auction

Known for its tragic history, the 1996 BMW 750iL is on the market through, where its dealer is listed as Nick Alexander Imports. While the auto has been restored since Shakur was fatally shot in its passenger seat, there are still some marks which reveal the vehicle's bullet-ridden history. [Full Article...]

Upcoming Windows 10 Feature Lets Users Block Installation of Win32 Apps

The new Settings App found in the Creators Update implements this restriction through one of the three options that filter app installation permission according to the point of origin. As you likely know, rumors show that Microsoft is planning to release Windows 10 Cloud, which is essentially a "locked down" version of Windows 10 that only allows you to only install apps seen in the Windows St... [Full Article...]

Pregnant Natalie Portman Skipping Oscars & Watching The Festivities From Home

According to a report, actress Natalie Portman will not attend the upcoming Independent Spirit Awards and the Oscars due to her pregnancy. "I feel so lucky to be honored among my fellow nominees and wish them the most lovely of weekends", she said in the statement released by her rep Keleigh Thomas Morgan. [Full Article...]

Foo Fighters To Headline Glastonbury 2017 After Surprise Comeback Show

Foo Fighters To Headline Glastonbury 2017 After Surprise Comeback Show Foo Fighters will be flying into the United Kingdom this summer to headline the legendary Glastonbury Festival! "You know we're good for our word". The annual music fest will be held June 21-25 near Pilton in Somerset. So far, Radiohead are the only other officially confirmed act for the festival, while Wiley has confirmed himself for the festival and The Avalanches have also leaked that they wo... [Full Article...]

Penalty rates winners must not be sidelined

The FWC handed down a long-awaited decision on Thursday that penalty rates for Sunday and public holiday work would be cut. In the fast food industry, the rates will drop to 125% from 150%. Union leaders argue that Sunday loadings of up to 200 per cent were crucial compensation for low-paid employees who sacrifice weekends and work unsociable hours. [Full Article...]

Actress Working On New Acting-Directing Projects!

Sources told " The Hollywood Reporter ", that some of the offers that landed on the actress' plate included the Disney sequel " Maleficent 2", a period espionage drama titled " The Spy Who Loved ", as well as an adaptation of " Catherine the Great and Potemkin: The Imperial Love Affair " by Simon Sebag Montefiore. [Full Article...]

Eric Church takes scalpers' tickets, releases them to fans

Eric Church takes scalpers' tickets, releases them to fans At the end of the day that broker and one other had 15,000 tickets. The average mark-up that consumers are paying to these third-party resellers, notes the report, are about 50 per cent above the actual ticket price, and can sometimes jump to more than 10 times the ticket's face value. [Full Article...]

Mariah Carey, On Bryan Tanaka: 'I Would Say He's My Boyfriend'

On Valentine's Day, Mariah Carey posted a photo of her and Bryan Tanaka on a tub. "I really don't want to talk about my personal life very much because I just like to keep it for myself", Mariah shared. CTV shares Carey's words , that indicate she still feels "vilified" by the event and that she is misunderstood. Straight from the diva herself, Tanaka is her "boyfriend". [Full Article...]

`Great Wall' may crumble, but more China-US films are coming

`Great Wall' may crumble, but more China-US films are coming Garin and his Spanish partner, Tovar ( Pedro Pascal of " Game of Thrones "), are captured by a group of elite warriors dubbed the Nameless Order whose fortress lies along the Great Wall . Because of its pedigree, you may hope for more, and " The Great Wall " would have been well-served to push even further and go completely over-the-top, but it believes it's too noble for that. [Full Article...]

N. Korea upset over delay in returning Jong-nam's body

Malaysian Chinese-language newspaper Oriental Daily also reported the arrest. He died this week at an airport in Kuala Lumpur and the case is snowballing into a diplomatic crisis. Two women and a man were arrested over the death . Photographs from airport surveillance cameras leaked to the local news media show one woman waiting with passengers for a taxi outside the airport. [Full Article...]

Oscar winner Roman Polanski seeks to have prosecutor's testimony unsealed

The director has alleged that he was mistreated by a judge and prosecutors, but subsequent judges have ruled the Oscar victor must return to Los Angeles for the case to be resolved. In 2015, the Polish Supreme Court ruled Polanski had already served his time under the referenced plea deal. He admitted having unlawful sex with a minor, or statutory rape, as part of a plea bargain and spent 42 day... [Full Article...]

Melania Trump Is Apparently "Miserable" as First Lady

Melania Trump Is Apparently It was Donald's", said stylist and friend to the Trumps, Phillip Bloch . And while she's fluent in five languages, Melania is self-conscious of her heavy Slovenian accent, U.S. "Don't let her smile in those photos fool you", another source told Us. Despite rumors Melania may stay in Manhattan indefinitely, our source assures us that the Donald's missus will eventually move to the nation's... [Full Article...]

Metallica's James Hetfield has mic problems during performance with Lady Gaga

Side note: Shout out to Lady Gaga's new tattoo honoring her Metallica collab. On the red carpet, the singer stunned everyone in leather short shorts, chains, and boots. Huffington Post pointed out, however, that this could be a genuine tattoo because Gaga is no stranger to getting tattoos of artists who inspire her. [Full Article...]

Netflix drops dime on binge-watching cheaters

Netflix drops dime on binge-watching cheaters In a study conducted by SurveyMonkey, a United States cloud-based online survey company, from December 20-31, 2016 which tallied the responses of 30,267 people, 52% of Asian respondents admitted to "cheating" on their significant other, higher than the global average of 43%. [Full Article...]

FEC official wants proof of New Hampshire voter fraud claims

FEC official wants proof of New Hampshire voter fraud claims Weintraub, who was appointed by former Republican President George W. Bush, asked Trump to "immediately share his evidence with the public and with the appropriate law-enforcement authorities so that his allegations may be investigated promptly and thoroughly". [Full Article...]

Ben Affleck's Batman Movie Will Reportedly Undergo 'Major Rewrites'

Ben Affleck's Batman Movie Will Reportedly Undergo 'Major Rewrites' Despite the issues we've seen over the last few weeks, it does sound like The Batman will still be aiming for a 2019 release , which would follow the upcoming Wonder Woman and Justice League in 2017, and Aquaman in 2018. What do you make of Reeves as director? The question now is when the film will start production. "I remain extremely committed to this project, and look forward to bringing... [Full Article...]

Extremely Rare Lunar Eclipse, Comet, Full Moon Combo Tonight

On top of Friday night's eclipse of February's full snow moon (yes, the snow moon! ), a comet will make an appearance in the night sky. A penumbral lunar eclipse will be visible for about half an hour on Friday night in almost all parts of Russia, a senior Russian researcher told TASS Friday. [Full Article...]

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