Judge blocks request to delay police hearing

Judge blocks request to delay police hearing The FOP had been supporters of Trump's candidacy in the presidential election. And he doesn't issue modest orders. The attorney general previously opposed the agreements, which are considered a legacy of the Obama administration. And I said absolutely. The Baltimore consent decree was reached after protests over the police killing of Freddie Gray revealed systemic racial profiling and other discri... [Full Article...]

India Open 2017 Super Series: It's Sindhu vs Marin final again

India Open 2017 Super Series: It's Sindhu vs Marin final again In a much-anticipated match of the evening, a replay of Rio Olympics title showdown, the star Indian shuttler came out with a goal and looked determined for a revenge. This is where the Spaniard is considered to be a risky opponent as she can change the tempo of the match at will. With this win, Sindhu also equalised 5-5 in career meetings against the two-time reigning world champion. [Full Article...]

Key findings of the AP-NORC poll on health care

Key findings of the AP-NORC poll on health care By comparison, a Gallup poll at this point in the Barack Obama presidency found that the 44th president had 60 percent approval rating. There's a brighter side for Trump: Americans split evenly over the economy - often a major driver of presidential success or failure. [Full Article...]

Manatee no longer listed as endangered

Manatee no longer listed as endangered The population of West Indian manatees in Florida is now around population of 6,620, "a dramatic turnaround from the 1970s, when just a few hundred individuals remained", said a statement from the US Fish and Wildlife Service . Manatees have been classified as endangered since the first federal endangered species list was issued in 1967. Indeed manatee mortality from all sources has increased ... [Full Article...]

Here's how you can play Ms. Pac-Man on Google Maps

Google is rehashing an old idea for April Fool's Day this year. And, needless to say, you don't need to load this up while you're driving. It uses your location, or a location that you can move your screen to, to play the game. It will all be familiar to anyone who has ever played a Pac-Man game. All-in-all, this is a functioning video game as players eat up the dots scattered about on the r... [Full Article...]

The Windows 10 Creators Update for IT Pros

The Windows 10 Creators Update for IT Pros It takes the simplicity of the classic Paint app and literally transfers it into another dimension, letting you click, tap or draw to create your own 3D models. If you're interested in buying a new Surface product, and don't live in the US, Microsoft is taking pre-orders for Surface Book with Performance base from today in Austria, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Nether... [Full Article...]

South African anti-apartheid leader Ahmed Kathrada dies, 87

Kathrada will be buried according to Muslim religious rights on Wednesday, the foundation said . "This is great loss to the ANC, the broader liberation movement and South Africa as a whole". He was born on August 21 1929 to Indian immigrant parents in a small town in north-western South Africa. In 1941, at the age of 12, he joined the Young Communist League of South Africa and at 17 he quitted sc... [Full Article...]

Will alum Patrick Ewing be Georgetown Hoyas' next head coach?

Will alum Patrick Ewing be Georgetown Hoyas' next head coach? The 54-year-old has been aiming for a head coaching job in the National Basketball Association, having served as an assistant or associate coach for 15 seasons with the Wizards, Rockets, Magic and now Bobcats. That is, until four-star recruit Waters requested a release from his letter of intent after the season ended. Esherick took the job from John Thompson Jr., who coached the Hoyas to their onl... [Full Article...]

Barry Cadden: Ex-Pharmacy Exec Not Guilty of Murder in Meningitis Outbreak

Barry Cadden: Ex-Pharmacy Exec Not Guilty of Murder in Meningitis Outbreak To view the full article, register now. A majority of the 12 jurors found him responsible for 23 of the 25 deaths. After the verdict, he said: "We don't know what the jury was thinking other than what they said, but to us, the murder counts were the ones that were most important, and those were the ones we were most concerned about". [Full Article...]

Android O First Developer Preview

The preview images for Android O were made available by Google for the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel C, Pixel, plus Pixel XL. You can either jump into an app by tapping it or drag it to the left or right edge of the screen for switching into multi-window setting . [Full Article...]

Twitter removes hundreds of thousands of terror accounts

Twitter removes hundreds of thousands of terror accounts A total of 636,248 accounts have been removed since 1 August 2015, according to the company's latest transparency report . Twitter suspended almost 377,000 accounts in the last six months of 2016 for promoting terrorism. The social network has strict rules against the promotion of violence on its service. For example, in our global information requests report , we now break out the number of... [Full Article...]

More Rumours About Samsung Galaxy S8 Emerge Online

With the launch of iPhone 7, the company offered a wireless device called AirPods which facilitates the cable free earbuds to the users. €799 for the standard Galaxy S8 is a fair chunk of cash by itself, while the bigger Galaxy S8 Plus is priced higher still at €899. [Full Article...]

Google unveils new Hangouts

Google unveils new Hangouts They need something that will help them to connect over video, and their chat experience has to be collaborative. "Last year, we talked about doubling our enterprise focus for Hangouts and our commitment to building communication tools focused on the way teams work from anywhere, anytime". [Full Article...]

Computer operating system and movie stored on DNA

However, the area that has is likely to lead the way in using DNA within computer science is in data storage where companies like Helixworks in Cork is already offering people the chance to put a limited amount of data within a piece of genetic code. [Full Article...]

No USB-C Connector on iPhone 8

No USB-C Connector on iPhone 8 Adopting it would allow iPhones to charge much faster, experts have suggested. There are a variety of reasons I believe this, chief among them: compatibility with existing products and Lightning's relatively recent arrival as a replacement for the old 30-pin connector. [Full Article...]

Microsoft's new VR headset could bridge HoloLens, Windows and Xbox (hands-on)

Microsoft's new VR headset could bridge HoloLens, Windows and Xbox (hands-on) The said headset is built in a partnership with Acer and Microsoft , and it is a fully fledged headset with incredible specs keeping pace with the current cream of the crop. For example, an MR headset might take the boundaries of your room and put you in a castle with a room of the same size. But many upcoming VR headsets might also have those capabilities. [Full Article...]

Breath of the Wild could be the best Zelda in years

Breath of the Wild could be the best Zelda in years Be wary, there are potential spoilers ahead. The Legend of Zelda franchise dates back more than 30 years, and its latest installment is less than two days away. Polygon, 10/10: I guess, in the end, it's not just that Breath of the Wild signals that Zelda has finally evolved and moved beyond the structure it's leaned on for so long. [Full Article...]

Analysts Opinions on: Tesla Motors, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA)

According to the latest research reports released, 2 analysts have issued a rating of "buy", 4 analysts "outperform", 7 analysts "hold", 5 analysts "underperform" and 1 analysts "sell". The correct version of this report can be read at [Full Article...]

Spotify takes a cue from Tidal with hi-fi streaming option

A Spotify spokesperson failed to confirm whether the service will get an official launch in the coming weeks and months. Spotify's potential Hi-Fi audio plans mirror Tidal's plans, which also offer lossless audio playback. How much will Spotify HiFi cost? This is a direct hit towards Tidal, which uses lossless quality music as its marketing edge. At present, one of the many advantages of buying ... [Full Article...]

IPhone move from Lightning to USB-C cable would cause a storm

A number of common threads are woven through all of those achievements, and some are more appreciated than others by Apple fans around the world. USB-C is also standardized. Apple and Samsung are struggling to develop features that would motivate consumers to replace their handsets frequently and distinguish higher-end brands from affordable Chinese-made handsets. [Full Article...]

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