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NCAA men's basketball roundup: Wisconsin stuns defending champ Villanova

The problem with doing that against Wisconsin is it starts two senior combo guards, Koenig and Zak Showalter, who are normally sure-handed enough to keep the action in the half court. Hart worked his way into the paint to try and tie the game for Villanova, but Happ held his ground inside and Hart lost the ball. Although they shot 15-for-21 from the free throw line, missed opportunities at the st... [Full Article...]

White House grants military broader attack authority in Somalia: U.S

But senior US military officials had sought leeway to approve strikes more quickly, including by establishing a zone south of Mogadishu that is considered an "area of active hostility". Consequently, Trump's decision is in line with the Republican his administration's policy to expand the authority of the military, particularly in authorizing more aggressive air strikes in certain countries. [Full Article...]

Police make new arrest after Westminster terror attack

Following the recent terror attack near Britain's parliament in London that killed five people and injured 40 people, Prime Minster Narendra Modi called his United Kingdom counterpart Theresa May to express India's solidarity and conveyed condolence for victims. [Full Article...]

India, Malaysia talk tough on terrorism

India, Malaysia talk tough on terrorism Today, India and Malaysia committed to deepening their maritime cooperation. A joint statement issued after the meeting between Mr Najib and Mr Modi disclosed that both sides had agreed to explore a possibility of enhancing cooperation in the financial sector. [Full Article...]

Pressure Builds On Nunes To Recuse Himself

Nunes could have gone straight to Trump to warn him of information. Jeff Sessions, the Trump government's attorney general, first said he never met Kislyak during the campaign and then admitted to doing so. He also requested that Nunes agree to hold the public hearing with former acting Attorney General Sally Yates, former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence Jame... [Full Article...]

Israeli PM limits settlements while announcing new one

Settlements in land Israel captured in the 1967 Six-Day War are considered illegal by most of the global community and an obstacle to restarting peace talks as they are built on land Palestinians claim for a future state. The Palestinians quickly condemned the decision. The decisions drew a furious reaction from Palestinians, who said the move could destroy any chance for peace in the region. [Full Article...]

Trump administration appeals block of revised travel ban

Trump administration appeals block of revised travel ban Trump said the ruling "makes us look weak" and vowed to challenge the order in the Supreme Court. Trump has said a travel ban is needed to preserve USA national security and keep out extremists. Citing a report that reviewed White House administrations going back to Reagan, Chuang noted in his ruling that no president has issued a ban on the entry "of all citizens from more than one country ... [Full Article...]

Tillerson lauds China-US contacts in meeting with leader Xi

Tillerson lauds China-US contacts in meeting with leader Xi Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called the meeting with Tillerson very "productive" and insisted that the conflict on the Korean peninsula must be resolved through dialogue. The possibility of military action raised questions about how far America would want to engage North Korea militarily, and the scope that any action would entail. [Full Article...]

Clinton criticizes proposed Trump budget cuts for diplomacy

Clinton criticizes proposed Trump budget cuts for diplomacy She also took not-so-subtle digs at President Trump's reputation for ignoring established facts. He added that he had asked State Department staff under the Obama administration if Clinton or her staff had their security clearances removed, but they declined to tell him. [Full Article...]

Putin ready to meet Trump in Finland if it hosts summit

Cheney's accusation comes at a time when both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives intelligence committees are investigating possible Russian interference in the election that brought President Donald Trump to power. "We have a lot of things to discuss in economy, security and regional conflicts". "On the contrary, we must strive to resolve conflicts of any kind. [Full Article...]

Airline pilot dies on flight to Albuquerque

Airline pilot dies on flight to Albuquerque While events such as these are rare (the last time a pilot died while flying in the USA was October 2015) there is a proper protocol for airline employees follow. The pilots' union said Grubbs lived in Lebanon, Tennessee, and said it was offering help to his family. In 2015, an American Airlines pilot died in a medical emergency on an overnight flight from Phoenix to Boston. [Full Article...]

House Speaker Ryan understands Trump's frustration on health bill

House Speaker Ryan understands Trump's frustration on health bill In the days that have passed since the Republican healthcare overhaul failed to make its way through Congress, Trump has only turned up the temperature on the HFC. "The president's tweet speaks for itself". "If push comes to shove, that would harm the president more in his re-election efforts than it would harm Freedom Caucus members", he said. [Full Article...]

South Korean Court Approves Arrest Warrant For Ousted Leader Park Geun-hye

Park, South Korea's first female president, was elected in 2012 on a tide of nostalgia for the era of her late dictator father, who himself ruled for 18 years despite a swathe of alleged human rights abuses. Last week she underwent a 21-hour interrogation session at the prosecutors' office, having refused repeated requests to be interviewed while in power. [Full Article...]

Conflict over Trump-Russia probe reaches stalemate in Washington

Conflict over Trump-Russia probe reaches stalemate in Washington Based on information he had, Nunes concluded that Trump's transition team had been the victims of surveillance of Obama intelligence officials. Senator Mark Warner, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said that Nunes's trip to the White House to meet his intelligence source is "more than suspicious". [Full Article...]

Third victim named as U.S. citizen Kurt Cochran

Third victim named as U.S. citizen Kurt Cochran Speaking at a United Kingdom press conference days after Cochran, a musician from Utah, was killed alongside three others in a terrorist attack at Westminster, his family described how Cochran lived a life of positivity. "We are deeply saddened to lose him but are grateful that the world is coming to know him and be inspired by him". Payne, through a verified GoFundMe account webpage, said h... [Full Article...]

US ambassador to UN calls Congo government 'corrupt'

The former SC governor said , "We don't have a greater friend than Israel", and she promised she would ensure that the United Nations will "never again" be allowed to "do what we saw happen with Resolution 2334". Haley also noted that the Trump administration " was disappointed " by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres' intention to appoint Fayyad as the UN's next special representative to Lib... [Full Article...]

John Wall Leads Wizards Comeback Over Lakers

John Wall Leads Wizards Comeback Over Lakers Los Angeles has lost eight of its last 10 games and is 4-6 against the number in its last 10 games as well. Porter did most of his damage in the first half, while Beal stepped up in the fourth quarter to help seal the deal. Notes The Wizards' division-title drought was the longest in major American pro sports. The Clippers have won four of their last six games and now hold the fifth spot in th... [Full Article...]

There are enough spiders to eat all of us in one year

Just like other arthropods, spiders - with their eight legs and clusters of eight eyes - might seem creepy, but for the most part they don't actually cause any harm to people. So if that's how many there are around us, how much do they all weigh together? According to the study, there are an average of 131 spiders per square meter around the globe, however, if they get ideal conditions, then t... [Full Article...]

China's Biggest South China Sea Bases Are Ready to Use

China's Biggest South China Sea Bases Are Ready to Use The director of the think tank, Greg Poling, cited new satellite pictures that were taken earlier this month and said the images showed new radar antennas on Fiery Cross and Subi. Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei and Malaysia also have claims on parts of the disputed waterway. China appears to have largely completed construction of military radar and aircraft hangers on artificial islands ... [Full Article...]

African woman slapped in Noida

On Monday Enduranca Amalawa, 21, his brother Precious Amalawa and another student were at the Ansal Plaza in Greater Noida when a mob of angry locals set up upon them, NDTV reports . Two more African students were assaulted in a separate incident by masked men. He said Africans may not come to India for studies due to safety concerns in the wake of such incidents. [Full Article...]

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